Project roadmap

Let's be Agile. This is a rough plan of how we go forward and could be changed during development.

Powerful editor to create your ebook in various styles. It's includes: Cover Designer, Template Editor, Community Snippets and more...
Phase 1:
  • Core architecture Сompleted
  • Pagination Сompleted
  • Caret navigation Сompleted
  • Selection Сompleted
  • Removing selection range In progress
  • Basic functionalities for document formatting
  • Interaction with browser clipboard
  • Page header/footer 50%
  • Spellchecking
  • Chapters (Navigation panel, Table of Contents)
  • Cover designer
Phase 2:
  • Collaboration
  • Template editor
  • Community snippets

Online service that allows you to write / publish / sell electronic editions. Includes a powerful online editor for creating and preparing of electronic publications to be published.
Phase 1:
  • Promo site Сompleted
  • User authentication
  • User profile
  • eBook sharing
  • Portal activity feed
  • Ranking system
Phase 2:
  • eBook store
  • Payment system