What is it?

The new way to make publishing on the web easier.

Build your own style

Use powerful editor to create your ebook in various styles. It's includes: Cover Designer, Template Editor, Community Snippets and more...

Create together

Pubwebkit lets users communicate, co-author, co-browse and guide each other.

Share and sell

You can share your digital editions with your friends, share free chapters with the community and sell complete editions over the world.

Cool! Let me in!

Currently the project under construction and you can take a part in it and help make it the best publishing tool ever.

So, what can I do?

You can help achieve the goal by providing feedback and proposals regarding functionality and features.

Keep in touch.

Do you have some propositions or ideas relating project? Lets discuss it! This will helps things done in the right direction and in time.

Project tracking.

If you have found a bug in already implemented functionality, please report about it using Project Tracking Tool.


You can follow development process and to see what features has been implemented and what will be.

Editor nightly build.

Anytime you can try nightly build of editor and see it in action.